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Human needs in the 21th century - Perspectives from Botswana and Germany

Odireleng M. Jankey/ Friso Ross (eds.)

Human needs in the 21th century - Perspectives from Botswana and Germany
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Odireleng M. Jankey and Friso Ross
Human needs in 21st century – An introduction


Rodreck Mupedziswa
Social Development and its Potential Contribution to Poverty Eradication in
Botswana: Exploring the Role of the Social Work Profession

Friso Ross
How to empower Social Security Schemes for needy persons?

Lengwe-Katembula Mwansa and Kgosietsile Maripe
Community development: A mirage or reality in Botswana?

Tilo Fiegler
Urban development in new ways. The program "Social City" in Erfurt - philosophy, strategies, practice, and implementation


Odireleng M. Jankey and Taolo Lucas
The Women’s Empowerment Backlash: Canvassing Gendered Needs in Transition Societies

Kgosietsile Maripe and Pelonomi Macheng
Women and Poverty: the disaster vulnerable minority

Nkosiyabo F. Moyo
Enhancing resilience of women to disasters and climate change through gender mainstreaming – the case of Botswana

Kabo Diraditsile and Morena J. Rankopo
Poverty alleviation among women in Botswana: Challenges and prospects for Social Work

Gloria Jacques
Statutory foster care in Botswana: The height of postmodernism?

Odireleng M. Jankey
Male victims of abuse: experiences from community leaders in Botswana

Kefentse Kubanga
The needs of housemothers as caregivers in children`s homes

Bakani Johnson
Family transitioning & child rearing in Botswana: where does the house helper fit in?

Tapologo Maundeni and Kgomotso Jongman
Access to Non Marital Children in Law and Practice in Botswana: Implications for the Social Work Profession

Ronald Lutz
Children poverty in Germany - Overview and Demands

Alexander Stauß
The role of open children and youth work in the youth club DOMIZIL in Erfurt


Inkje Sachau
The human need for nutrition: Healthy food as a luxury?

Keitseope Nthomang
Reducing Poverty among the poor in Botswana: Is Social Work the Answer?

Morena J. Rankopo and Kabo Diraditsile
Perspectives on pro-poor policies: Issues, challenges and prospects for Social Work

Refilwe P. Sinkamba and Kgosietsile Maripe
Alcohol and poverty in Botswana

Kgomotso Jongman
Social work profession and human needs

Tirelo Modie-Moroka
A Social Science Interpretation of Poverty: Implications for Social Work Theory and Practice in Botswana

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 Human needs are universal and diverse, they exist at different levels in society and all should be taken into account in addressing the best interests of populations around the world. There are concerns that attention may not necessarily promote successful interventions, if the approaches and strategies employed do not include an appreciation of the multi-dimensional nature and causes of need.

The main aim of this book is to provide in-depth discussions on the subject of human need(s) in the 21st century in Botswana and Germany, elucidating new and innovative approaches to salient issues among different population groups. This book is one of the first systematic efforts in studying human need(s) from a perspective of an industrialised economy in Europe and a fast growing economy in Sub-Saharan Africa.

This book is timely as it is addressing human needs from multiple perspectives of Africa and Europe. Given that the chapters conclude with recommendations for interventions, the book will also provide lessons for Germany and Botswana as well as countries with the similar socio-economic status.