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Together for Justice and Peace - International Social Work Education, Gender, and the Global Goals für Sustainable Development

Andrea Schmelz, Claudia Lohrenscheit (Eds.)

Together for Justice and Peace - International Social Work Education, Gender, and the Global Goals für Sustainable Development
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Ronald Lutz



Claudia Lohrenscheit/ Andrea Schmelz (Germany)

International Cooperation in Social Work: Empowerment for the Profession

Jannis Meyer (Germany)

International Cooperation and Exchange in Social Work – A Student’s Perspective

I.    The Right to Food

Gaby Franger/ Gudrun Cyprian (Germany)

“Ausgekocht?” – Reflections on the Global Food System and the Role of Women through the Exhibition of the Museum “Women’s Culture Regional – International”

Anneline Keet (South Africa)

Food Security in Rural South Africa

Hilda I. Cota Guzmán (Mexico)

Etnobiodiversidad en la alimentación y cocinas de la región del Itsmo

Lucy M. Ketterer Romero (Chile)

La cocina como espacio pedagógico de las mujeres mapuche

II.  Gender

Sandra Joseph (India)

Deconstructing Food and Feminity: A Social Work Agenda in Accomplishing Goal No 5 of the SDGs

Guillermo Correa Montoya (Colombia)

Mujeres transgénero, condiciones de trabajo y metas del milenio

III.  Migration and Anti-Racism

Andrea Schmelz (Germany)

(Un)Welcoming Refugee Politics in Germany: Challenges for Civil Society and Social Work

Elena Husel (Germany)

Anti-Muslim Racism and Anti-Islamism within the German Education and Labor Sector

Christian Liegl (Germany)

The NSU Complex: Overview, Controversies and Institutional Racism in Germany

IV.  Experimental Papers and Work in Progress

Ashok Gladston and Florina Xavier (India)

Initiative in Social Enterprise in the Kyrgyz Republic among Aspiring Afghan refugees

Abel Soto Higuera (Chile)

Estrategia de desarrollo local Inclusivo. Propuesta metodológica de acompañamiento en municipios de la región de la Araucanía/Chile

Weitere Informationen
This documentation collects the papers of colleagues, friends and students who came together at the Coburg International Summer School 2017 on Gender, the Global Goals for Sustainable Development of the United Nations and the Global Agenda for Social Work. The Summer School program provided a platform to share experiences and analysis engaging with the Global Goals interlinked with the Global Agenda as well as the dominant political, economic, cultural and social orders that often have massive negative impact on people and communities at local, national and international level. Presenting the main findings and discussions, the volume is divided into three main parts: The right to food (Global Goal No. 2), Gender Justice (Global Goal No. 5) and Migration and Racism (as linked to Global Goals No. 4, 10 and 16), followed by a forth chapter which includes two more experimental and concept papers of colleagues in India and Chile.